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Appliances Portland Is all about buying major appliances, home furnishings and home entertainment systems in Portland, Oregon

We invite you to visit the Appliance Center retail sales showroom in Portland.  We offer a great selection of natural gas products.
  • Cooking: Ovens, ranges, cooktops, commercial-style equipment. We also offer non-cooking kitchen appliances like refrigerators, microwaves and dishwashers.
  • Fireplaces: Inserts, zero clearance and free-standing fireplaces, decorative logs.
  • Laundry: Dryers, tumble-action washers.
    Patio products: Barbecues, patio heaters, gaslights, campfires.
  • Tankless Water Heaters:  Save energy and money by heating with an "on demand" water heater.

The Appliance Center Showroom: 2610 SE 8th Ave., Between Division and Powell Just off the east end of the Ross Island Bridge.

You deserve the superior performance of natural gas fireplaces and appliances. Economical and easy to operate, natural gas products add value, convenience and comfort to your home. 

We can tell you about the most efficient options and our prices are very competitive.  The Appliance Center can help arrange financing upon approved credit and can arrange for delivery and expert installation of your new gas appliances.

Visit the Appliance Center web site: or call 503-220-2362

Appliances Portland, Information about appliances and major home furnishings in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.

Federal Trade
Oregon Dept.
Of Justice

The Federal Trade Commission is celebrating it's 90th anniversary. CLICK HERE to see to add your name to the "DO NOT CALL LIST" and to see how they define "BAIT & SWITCH" advertising.

To enforce the law and defend the interests of the United States according to the law; to ensure public safety against threats foreign and domestic; to provide federal leadership in preventing and controlling crime; to seek just punishment for those guilty of unlawful behavior; and to ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans. CLICK HERE to visit their website.

CLICK HERE for contact information for the State Of Oregon Dept. Of Justice.

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As the chief legal office for the state of Washington, AGO attorneys and staff, in 27 divisions across the state provide legal services to more than 230 state agencies, boards and commissions. We help citizens through antitrust enforcement and consumer protection and protect the environment and utility customers. CLICK HERE to visit their website.

The Good Housekeeping Research Institute (GHRI) is the product-evaluation laboratory of the magazine, with a staff of scientists, engineers, nutritionists, and researchers dedicated to evaluating and testing everything from moisturizers to bed sheets to cell phones. Also part of GHRI is the test kitchen, which creates, tastes, and triple-tests (at least) the thousands of recipes appearing in the magazine. CLICK HERE to visit their website.

ConsumerSearch product-review editors pick the best electronics, appliances and services by comparing professional product reviews (like the ones you’d find at Consumer Reports or CNET) with consumer reviews (like those at and Epinions) to separate the top-rated from the duds. Our product ratings give you meaningful comparisons and unbiased product reviews you can trust.

consumer affairs
product reports
rip off report
consumer reporting

An online website that gives reports, updates, stories and lots of information about all sorts of products as well as actual postings of complaints from consumers. CLICK HERE to visit their website.

Ripoff Report® is a worldwide consumer reporting Web site and publication, by consumers, for consumers, to file and document complaints about companies or individuals. Unlike the Better Business Bureau, Ripoff Report does not hide reports of "satisfied" complaints. ALL complaints remain public and unedited in order to create a working history on the company or individual in question.

CLICK HERE to visit their website.

A great website that is basic and simple to use as well as easy to navigate. The website offers comparisons for almost all major appliances and is interactive so you can see all the features of and differences between the appliances you are interested in purchasing.

CLICK HERE to visit their website.


We had originally listed the Consumer Reports as a place where customers could go to find information about appliances and ratings information. We thought it might be helpful to those who visit our website. But in looking around the Internet it seems as if not everyone is really happy with their reports and subscription tactics. It seems to me (and this is just me and maybe not anybody else) that the tactics they use (or that are used by those th\ey hire to sell subscriptions) violate the very basic types of business practices that they tend to warn people to look out for. They should do a rating on "magazine subscription solicitors & tactics" and see how they rate. Now, that is just my opinion. I'm just expressing what I feel about Consumer Reports. You may like them and how they sell subscriptions to their magazine. I am just saying how I personally feel according to my First amendment rights:

Some ALLEGED Lawsuits against Consumers Union
The items below were all items

Consumers Union has been sued several times by companies unhappy with reviews of their products in Consumer Reports. Consumers Union has fought these cases vigorously. The items listed below were just a few we found on the Internet. In some of the cases we found on the Internet courts ruled against Consumers Union and in some cases they ruled in favor of Consumer Union. You may (or may not) want to take a look at the links below to see if you think this magazine is something you want to rely on.
In 1981 Bose Corporation sued Consumer Reports (CR) magazine for libel after CR reported in a review that the sound from the system that they reviewed "tended to wander about the room"   ...... read more about this item .....

In 1988, Consumer Reports announced during a press conference that the Suzuki Samurai had demonstrated a tendency to roll and deemed it "not acceptable." Suzuki sued in 1996 after the Samurai was again mentioned in a CR anniversary issue. In July 2004, after eight years in court, the suit was settled and    ...... read more about this item .....

Rivera Isuzu
In December 1997, the Isuzu Trooper distributor in Puerto Rico sued CU, alleging that it had lost sales as a result of CU's disparagement of the Trooper. A trial court    ...... read more about this item .....

Sharper Image
In 2003, Sharper Image sued CR in California for product disparagement, over negative reviews of its Ionic Breeze Quadra air purifier. CR moved for dismissal on    ...... read more about this item .....

Controversy over child safety seats
The February 2007 issue of Consumer Reports stated that only two of the child safety seats it tested for that issue passed the magazine's side impact tests. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, which subsequently retested the seats, found that all those seats passed the corresponding NHTSA tests at the speeds described in the magazine report. The CR article reported    ...... read more about this item .....

a few Other errors or issues

In 2006, Consumer Reports said six hybrid vehicles would probably not save owners money. The magazine later discovered that they had miscalculated depreciation, and released an    ...... read more about this item .....

In February 1998, the magazine tested pet food and claimed that Iams dog food was nutritionally deficient. They later retracted the report claiming that there had been "a systemic error in    ...... read more about this item .....

and yet dozens and dozens and dozens more complaints from people who are just about fed up, pissed off at, very unhappy with and/or completely done with consumer reports

Or, you can go to a real Consumer Affairs Website and see what others are saying:

Consumer Complaints & Reviews

I have tried 2 of your recommended coffee makers and they did not brew at 190-200 degrees as you stated. I have tried 2 other brands; one claimed to heat water to 200 before brewing. It did not. How can I trust your findings in the future? 12oz. water = 160 d.......


I like the Consumer Reports about new products and also the On Health but my displeasure is in the fact that they come unwrapped or even fastened together. Therefore everyone and their dog who comes in contact with these publications hold on to them, read them, dog-ear them ....

Some time ago (more than a year ago), i stupidly accepted a magazine promotional offer from Discover Card. I was assured that I could cancel this promotional subscription at any time. I thought I had put this behind me by getting the subscription ......


My wife and I will no longer be supporting Consumers Union or Consumer Reports, ending a 20-year relationship. While your blatant marketing has been annoying for many years, it has gotten worse and when compiled with reduced service, makes it intolerable......


This is an update to my original complaint. After I contested to Consumer Reports' unauthorized subscription renewal charge to my account, my bank refunded the $19 to me. It helped that I told them to check complaints on the Web to see for themselves how this company has .....


A year ago, I canceled my print publication automatic renewals (that I had not opted for in first place) and deleted automatic renewal from my online subscription. CR decided to charge me anyway. And true to any unscrupulous scam artist, it was impossible to cancel the renewal .....


Consumer Reports is no longer a credible company, it's too bad. I had been a subscriber in the past but a couple of years ago, I let my subscription end. Seems they started me as an online subscriber this past year without my knowledge. Even set it to automatically renew. I asked them to show me where I subscribed and they can't produce that. All they could do was tell me it was an automatic renewal. I asked if they could see how many times .....


For a long time, Consumer Reports, a respected and valuable magazine, has apparently been taken over by greedy marketing geniuses. I suppose, they are meeting their numbers by scamming the public with more a......
I have long been a subscriber of Consumer Reports Magazine and the website at .org. But I have been so irked for so long that I am resorting to this complaint. At the website, when you research a product to see how the company rated it, .....

To read the complete complaints shown above and literally dozens and dozens more (believe me, there are lots of people who are STEAMING AND HIGHLY PISSED OFF) go to and then see what you think about Consumer Reports publications.

Thanks to Wikipedia for the info above about Consumer Reports and Consumers Union. All of the info above was copied from the Wikipedia website and is not guaranteed to be correct or accurate by It's just some information that is posted on the Wikipedia website.

TOP 10 Appliance Stores
In THE Portland Area

What are the TOP 10 rated appliance stores in the Portland, Oregon area? We list them below in order of the votes they get. Stores are rated on the following aspects of doing business.

Lowest Prices: - Best Customer Service  -  Best Display Of Products  -  Best/Most Honest & Helpful Salespeople  - 

Knowledge Of Salespeople  -  Merchandise Return (no hassle) Policies  -  Merchandise Selection  -  Overall Shopping Experience


  2. Basco

  3. sears

  4. Hamilton's Appliance

  5. best buy

  6. Lowe's

  7. IKEA*

  8. NW Natural Appliance Center

  9. home depot

  10. Dewhitt's Appliance

The stores above are listed in order of the amount of votes they received by consumers in the Portland area. Votes are placed by emailing us. Please email us with your vote so that you can help Portland area consumers decide the best place to spend their appliance dollars. When you consider voting for a store you may consider any or all of the factors listed above or you can penalize a store for having salespeople who are too pushy (try and shove extended warranties down your throat or that jump on you the second you come into the store). Some stores like BEST BUY greet all customers at the door ("good afternoon" etc. but others have buzzards waiting in line to jump you the second you walk in and cling to you like a bugar until you get fed up and leave so factor that also if you like when you place your vote.

* = Note that IKEA is currently getting more votes than most other stores but the standings above are an accumulation of votes that started before IKEA came to Portland.

Emails From Local Portland Area consumers:

said that Fry's in Wilsonville had lowest prices
I just bought all my kitchen appliances at Fry's. They were hundreds of dollars less than the same appliances I had previously seen at 2 stores in Beaverton. They are out in Wilsonville but worth the drive. Their salespeople are not pushy either. They don't feed you a bunch of crap so that they can sell you some models they get gig spiffs on and they did not try to talk me into buying brands from foreign countries that I did not trust. I brought my list of model numbers in and they had them in stock and their tagged prices were almost $500.00 below what the other stores had quoted me. One of the other stores had the items tagged on their showroom floor at even higher prices. When I indicated I wasn't going to buy without shopping around they started offering lower prices and finally quoted me "today only" low prices if I'd buy right then. I was really pleasantly surprised to see that Fry's "tag prices" were so much lower than the negotiated prices of the previous store where I'd shopped. My vote if for Fry's!
Larry W.

"Liked BEST BUY the best"
I shopped for a Whirlpool washing machine this week at a few area dealers. The first store I went to was one of the larger appliance stores in Portland. They jumped on me the second I walked in the store and hounded me to death. I just asked to "look" for a while and the salesman hey said "OK" but then stood about 15' away and matched every step I took step for step as if he were required to keep within a certain distance of customers. Every few minutes he'd find a different way to ask if I had any questions yet and I finally just got flustered and started to leave the store. I was exiting at a pretty fast pace so since he could not catch up to me he sort of yelled something about "have you seen the latest something or other" (it was an appliance made by some foreign company I had never heard of and when I did not respond he said something at a much lower volume level (I could not hear it) to a few other salespeople who were also waiting near the front door and they all laughed quite loudly. I pulled out of the parking lot, went to another store and was greeted at the door but not followed to the appliance department. Once in the appliance dept. I was greeted but when I asked to look on my own the salesman gladly accommodated. He said "I'll be right over there if you have any questions. He went about his business and I looked around until I found a model that was similar to the one rated in the major Consumer magazine. Their price was pretty competitive (lower than the average price posted in the Consumer magazine). I went back to the area where the salesman told me he'd be if I had any questions and asked him if he could sell the particular washing machine for any less. He said "no, I am sorry but we don't negotiate prices here, we just mark them to the lowest price possible and we guaranty all our prices (or similar)" and I said "fine and dandy" and I asked him to write it up.

All in all it was an experience that started off bad but got really good so please place my vote for BEST Buy in Portland, Oregon. BTW, Thanks for having such a great and helpful website.

Jay S.

Liked Home Depot
I think I found the right place for appliance purchases in the Portland area. Home Depot. They are a no BS no hype operation, they have a great selection, They don't a heard of greedy salesmen waiting to pounce on you the second you walk in the door and their prices were a whole bunch less than I found at another nearby store who "says" they have the lowest prices. And I don't have to dicker. The tag prices were very low. I asked if they negotiated on the pricing and the sales person told me that they never waste their customers time by making them negotiate. She told me that they have a bottom line that they can sell their goods for and they post it right on the items.
Lance A. S.E. Portland, Oregon

Not happy with salespeople who push "spiff" models
I think I found out why some salespeople push so hard to try and talk me into buying brands I don't want to buy. I was talking to a friend who is a salesman at a appliance store in Portland and he said they get spiffs (special  cash factory factory incentives) for selling certain targeted models. He told me that about 50% of his pay comes from the factories from these "spiffs" so he pushed them really hard. He told me the manufacturers pay high spiffs (sometimes as much as $100.00 for selling a single appliance) and sometimes have contests. He told me that when the stakes are this high, there was really nothing else he could do so he would push the "spiff" models and do anything he could do to make customers buy them. Even if it meant telling a customer an appliance they wanted was not in stock (when it actually was in stock) in order to attempt to force them to buy a spiffed model. OUCH!!! I guess one just has to do his homework and no be talked into something he doesn't want. Any more I do my homework and then buy from stores like Home Depot or Lowe's where they don't appear to pay salespeople by commission (I am not positive of that) and they gladly give information about all their products and don't try to jam those "spiff models" down your throat.
Tim R. Beaverton, Oregon

Check out these links and see a few of their products. better yet, take a day off and visit their store. If you have tired of the "samo samo" appliances that you see in every Portland, Oregon appliance dealers stores now, you'll flip when you see the selection at IKEA.

You haven't seen anything yet if you haven't seen the European design appliances on display at IKEA.

A big selection of state of the art ventilation hoods is available at IKEA and they are priced way below what you may have been seeing them for at Portland, Oregon appliance dealers

Finally, a class act comes to Portland, Oregon. Portland, Oregon is considered a small community and doesn't always get a lot of respect nation wide so we don't always get the best offerings when it comes to major marketers in the appliance and home furnishings. Since Smith's Home Furnishings went out of business, the "big hitters" have not exactly lined up to open their stores here. We have the basic chain stores that everybody gets like Target, Best Buy, Home Depot and the likes but the really High-end class acts like IKEA have just not seen this area as a place to do business so it's with great pleasure that we announce the Grand Opening of IKEA in the Portland, Oregon. finally a "class act" in Portland, Oregon for low prices, gigantic selection, a reputation for being "HONEST" and the best selection of high end appliances you may see anywhere!
     NOTICE FROM THE EDITOR OF THIS WEBSITE: I do not represent IKEA and am not intending to advertise for them. The post above is from their website and the opinions and additional remarks are my own opinions. The reason I am posting so much about IKEA on this website is because I really feel they are a "breath of fresh air" and a real class act and it's about time Portland got a large appliance and home furnishings retailer so we don't have to travel to Seattle, Washington or San Francisco or Los Angeles, California, to see good selections of true high-end merchandise and to deal with world class merchants who sell their merchandise for fair prices.
Dan MacNeil, Editor
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Whirlpool's Home Web Site: (Also makes appliances for Sears)
May-tag Appliance Home Page:
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May tag is also the manufacturer of Amana, Jenn-Air, Magic Chef and Caloric Appliances.

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How Can You Compare Prices
 When A Store Will Not Quote
You A Price On The Phone?

Let your fingers do the walking. Gas is expensive and driving all over town to shop prices is not always a good option. A wise shopper will find a model they like and call a few other stores to get the best possible price. A reputable store will tell you their prices. When you call around for pricing on the appliance you want and a salesperson says "we never quote our prices on the phone because our prices are so low blah blah blah ...." it's a tip off to a rip off. This is a good time to hang up and let your fingers do a little more walking.

Clark Howard is a very well known consumer advocate / talk show host and he gives advise for consumers all over the country. Clark covers all phases of consumer protection and has more advise on more areas of consumer protection that I have seen anywhere on the Internet. Visit his website at for dozens of links and articles related to consumer advice and consumer protection related issues.

Visit the Clark Howard Website to see what Clark Howard Consumer Action Center says about extended warranties!

What Are The Biggest Rip-Offs?

The 2 biggest rip-offs I keep seeing and hearing about are Extended Warranties and Rebates

  • Extended Warranties are the worst thing consumers can buy.

  • Rebates are often a waste of time. Some companies just don't do anything until they hear from people complaining about not receiving their rebates.

We'll be posting any rip-offs and bad business tactics that we find here and we will be inviting you to do the same.


We'll list buying tips for purchasing appliances in Portland, Oregon
and some of the best appliance dealers in Portland, Oregon.


Dan MacNeil, Editor
Appliances Portland

This website is published and maintained by me personally. My name is Dan MacNeil and I have lived in the Portland, Oregon area for over 40 years. EVERYTHING on this website is COMPLETELY 100% my own opinion unless other sources are quoted. Visitors to this website and experts in the field may disagree with the opinions I post on this website. Under the Constitution of the United States of America, I am entitled to express my own opinion and I am allowed to express them publicly and that's what I'm doing here. Thanks for dropping by, please come back often and please E-Mail Me At Appliances Portland if you have any questions or comments about about this website.

Dan MacNeil, Editor, Appliances Portland Oregon Appliance Dealers, Appliances Portland Oregon & Badder Business Bureau

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